Tuition Credits

Information on How to Earn Tuition/Fees CREDIT

SCRIP: Scrip is a program that our school implemented to generate funds without requiring our families to sell anything. Scrip cards can be purchased online or at school from an extensive list of merchants.  Merchants then return a percentage of what is purchased to our school.  The percentage ranges from 2% to 15%. YOU BENEFIT BECAUSE 50% OF FUNDS GENERATED BY A FAMILY THROUGH USE OF SCRIP IN THE SCHOOL YEAR WILL BE GIVEN AS A TUITION/FEES CREDIT THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR!

 Not sure how this works?

            1) Do you spend $100 or more a week at Wal-Mart?

             2) Do you eat once or more a month at Chili’s, Applebee’s, Outback, Olive Garden or other eating establishment?

             3) Do you shop for groceries at Harp’s?

             4) Do you shop for Christmas at Dillards, American Eagle, Game Stop, Lands End, LL Bean, or 100’s of others?

             5) Do you spend money?

Then, shop with Scrip and earn money for I.C. School and for your tuition and fees credit!  Remember, I.C. School receives a percentage from each shopping card you purchase.  Now, we are offering to return 50% back on all you earn for our school.


a)      Spend $5,200.00 at Wal-Mart a year, earn $58.00 for tuition credit/fees

b)      Spend $2,000.00 eating out at area restaurants (check your spending!), earn $90.00 for tuition credit/fees

c)       Spend $2,000.00 on gas in one year; earn $50.00 for tuition credit/fees

d)      Grandparents, family members, and friends can purchase SCRIP and designate your family to help earn your family credit!