Summer Care

K-6 Summer Care Program

The purpose of I.C. School's Summer Program is to provide a quality childcare program for children ages 5-12 through the summer months. The program is licensed by the Department of Human Services.The program operates from 7:30 am– 5:30 pm five days a week. 

The fun begins Monday, June 1st and ends Friday, July 31.

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K-6 Summer Care Activity Calendar 



A non-refundable $60.00 registration fee per child is required if returned by April 17th. After the deadline, the registration fee increases to $100.00.

Activity fees for full-time children are listed under Program and Activities. Activity fees for part-time children will be determined according to days requested on enrollment form.  All fees are due on or before June 4th.

Fee for full-time children is $100.00 per week.Full-time is considered to be 4-5 days per week. Parents desiring part-time positions to be held for any day of the week must pay the full-time fee.

Families requesting 1-3 days a week will be charged $25.00 per day regardless of attendance due to the need for adequate staffing.  Parents must specify the days the child will attend. Part-time children will be allowed to attend on days not specified only if the staff to child ratio permits.

Payment is due even if the child is absent to maintain the child’s position.

Vacations: One week of vacation during the summer program will be allowed in which the family does not have to pay if the child does not attend.  Payment is due for any other absences or if the child leaves the program prior to July 31st.

Payment is due on the last day of attendance each week.

Charges for Overtime $1.00 per minute for every minute after 5:30 pm.

Hours of Operation

The program operates from 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. The fun begins early in June and ends the beginning of August. 


The summer program is under the direction of Sharon Blentlinger, Principal. All staff members have previously worked in the I.C. Summer Program.

Staff/Child Ratio

1 worker per 20 children

1 worker per 8 children for swimming and other water activities


I.C. Summer Program will prioritize admissions as follows:

1. I.C. School students registered as full- time by April 17th and former I.C. Summer Program children.
2. All others will be accepted on a first come basis.


Drop ins are allowed only in the event that the adult to child ratio permits. Parents must first contact the director of the program to find out if there is space for an additional child to the days program.

Program and Activities 

Total fees for K– 3rd (full time) are $374 including racket; $359– bring your own racket

Total fees for 4th (full time) are $344 including racket; $329– bring your own racket

Total fees for 5th– 6th (full time) are $319 including racket; $304– bring your own racket

Wonderful Wednesdays at the FSPL and other field trips are included at no extra charge.

Children will also enjoy many fun activities on the school grounds and movies in the auditorium. 

A weekly schedule will be provided to parents.

Lunch and Snacks

Students will need a lunch and drink each day. A snack will be provided each morning and afternoon. Occasionally, a special lunch will be arranged and parents will be informed in advance.


For More Information

Call the school at 479-783-0889 or Ms. Anabel Garcia's cell at 479-414-1582

or email [email protected]