Sports at I.C.


General Policies for Participation in School Sponsored Sports 

1) All students who participate in extra-curricular school activities must be in regular FULL DAY attendance on the day the activity is scheduled.  If a child is absent from school or leaves school sick, he/she may NOT practice or play in a game scheduled for that day.
 A student will be considered tardy and not absent if he/she arrives at school no later than 8:30 a.m.
 Students may be absent for a brief time during a game day due to a previously scheduled doctor/dental appointment but must present the principal with the doctor/dental excuse form upon arrival at school.

2) Participants in extra-curricular sports activities must have a "C" (2.0) academic average at the end of each quarter in order to be eligible to participate in activities next quarter.  If a student is ineligible at the end of a grading period, eligibility may be re-evaluated at mid-quarter.  If a student does not have a "C" average at the end of the fourth quarter, he/she will not be eligible to participate during the first quarter of the following year.  The following values are used in computing grade point:

 A 4.0  B+ 3.4  C+ 2.4  D+ 1.4 
 A- 3.7  B 3.0  C 2.0  D 1.0
    B- 2.7  C- 1.7  D- 0.7  
          F 0.0

3) Participants in extra-curricular activities must maintain a C+ or above conduct grade.

4) Participants must set a good example of sportsmanship at the games, as well as at school, by showing respect for school rules, teachers, sponsors, coaches, game officials, other students, and property.

5)*All practices and meetings must be called by the sponsor or coach and supervised by the coach, sponsor, or an appointed adult.  All practices and meetings must meet the approval of the school administration.

6) Any student who receives an in-school or out-of-school suspension will be benched for the following game.

7) All students and parents are required to read the Immaculate Conception Catholic School Athletic Policies and sign the agreement form before a student is allowed to participate in the athletic program.

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