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The Last Week



Dear I.C. School Families, it's the last week of the school year!  We made it!

Week of  May 24

  • Monday will be a free dress for grades K-5.  A school family recently had a home fire and lost their home, dogs, and most of their belongings and we want to help them in our I.C. School tradition.  Please send $3 or more dollars per child/staff member for a free dress and to help our family in time of need!
  • Tuesday is Senior Day and our alums who graduated from area high schools are invited to attend this event that begins with an assembly at 10:30. We are so excited to see our former students!
  • Wednesday is a "Penny Candy Day" at the principal's office door.  Your children may bring pennies to school for pieces of candy.  this is for PS-5th grades
  • Wednesday at 6:30 is graduation Mass and reception for our 5th grade students
  • Friday
    • Mass at 8:30
    • Field day beginning at 9:00am for PS and beginning at 10:00am for grades K-4
    • Early dismissal for grades K-4 at 1:30.  No ASC for K-4.
    • Used uniform Drop Off 1:00- 2:30 at elementary building

A mailing will be sent the week of May 31 with your child's report card, class assignment for 21-22, and calendar for 21-22


Oh Lord, the creator of all things. We pray that during this summer holiday, You will guide us so that each day we can demonstrate Your love, joy, peace, goodness, gentleness and kindness. 

Teach us self-control, so that we will say no to temptations that may come our way. We pray that during this summer period, the spirit of frustration, anger and arguments will be destroyed in Jesus Name. 

We pray that siblings will love and not hate each other, this we ask in Your Name, Amen. 

Mrs. B


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