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Sixth Grade Supply Exchange for May 20th, 2020

Dear Families of 6th grade Graduates, 

As of this date, the plan is to have our 6th grade graduation ceremony on Wednesday, July 8, at 6:30.  There will be Mass that includes distribution of graduation certificates and presentation of awards.  Covid-19 precautions will need to be implemented.  Listed are the precautions that I am aware of as of today; there may be more.  

  • NO MORE than 125 people will be allowed to attend.  I have calculated the numbers and there are 37 sixth graders; 74 parents plus 5 step-parents; 6 teachers; 2 priests.  That is 124 people.  What does this mean?  Only parents/step-parents, the graduates, and teachers and priests will be allowed to attend.  No siblings, grandparents, extended family members, or friends.  This makes me sad but it is necessary and I wanted to let you know so that you can make plans.
  • No reception will be held.
  • More precautions may be necessary and we will inform you as we get closer to the date.

An exchange of Chromebooks, chargers, textbooks, and other materials between families and school will be held this Wednesday, May 20.  Listed are the details:

  • May 20- 6th grade exchange of materials
    • 4:30- 6:30 pm
    • 5-6 grade teachers, Mrs Bauer, and I will be present to accomplish the exchange.
    • Mrs. Cole will have the 6th grade crosses and materials and art portfolios of siblings, identified by name, available on sidewalk.
    • Parents are required to place all Chromebooks, chargers, textbooks, and materials in a disposable bag of some kind: paper sacks, plastic bags, etc, and display their child's first and last names on the package.
    • Families that have 6th grade graduates and younger siblings in other grades will be able to drop off and pick up the belongings of all children in the family.
    • All families with 6th grade graduates and siblings in PS and K-5 will be asked to line up on So. B Street as in dismissal procedures and then will be directed to turn at So. 14th and proceed to corner of So. 14th and So. A Street.
      • I will use the megaphone to announce names of students.
      • Homeroom teachers and others will be asked to collect packages from the 6th grade stations and art and take to cars.  Retrieve returned materials from vehicles of families and place on front steps.
  • Teachers with siblings of 6th grade students will prepare their students’ materials in disposable packages with first and last names of the student attached to the outside of the packages.  These packages will be delivered with the 6th grade items to parents' vehicles.
  • Adults will NOT exit vehicles while in the pick up line.
  • Please send me your questions!

Mrs. B


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