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I.C. Summer Program Policies for 2020

Summer program will look different for K-6 than in past years due to required precautions due to Covid-19.  These precautions were already in place for PS but will increase the hand washing and sanitizing!

This is what we are planning to do:

  • We will not be able to have all children in the auditorium due to the mandate of having groups of 10 or less. K-6
  • We will limit our number of children in PS to 18 and in K-6 to 54.  9:1 ratio of children to adults.
  • Classrooms in PS used will be one 3-year old room and one 4-year old room; classrooms on the first floor of the main school plus auditorium will be used for K-6 and they will be separated according to ages
  • A schedule for K-6 is being formulated to allow children to move throughout the day to music, art, P.E., library, and Chromebooks and these rooms in the basement will be used.  Included in the schedule will be time for free play in classrooms, recesses, and lunch without violating the 9:1 ratio.  
  • Few field trips will be possible.  Ms. Anabel is checking into the Nature Center and bowling.  There will be less activity fees for families; however, we will charge a fee since we will need to acquire extra games, materials, etc to keep in each classroom.  Ms. Anabel is working on what needs to be ordered and determining the cost per student.
  • Hand sanitizers have been ordered and will be installed on both sides of the entrance to school and other needed places.  Parents and children will sanitize hands upon entrance to  buildings and proceed to the check-in station by entrance of buildings. A staff member will take the temperature of the child to make sure it is less than 100.4 degrees.  Children with a cough, runny nose, or other cold symptoms will not be allowed to stay.  If a child is susceptible to allergies, a doctor's note will be required and kept on file.  (Almost all PS children have a runny nose!!! </body></html>


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