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Happy Birthday, I.C.!

Dear I.C. School Families,


Happy Birthday, Immaculate Conception School!  Wednesday, 9/8, is our school’s 91st birthday on the day our Catholic church also celebrates the birthday of Mary, our immaculate mother.  To observe this important day, our students:

  • Have free dress
  • Will receive a special treat in the afternoon


The first few weeks of this school year have passed in tornado-like fashion; quickly without the damage!  It is wonderful to have the children back at school and to begin to know each new student and his or her family.  I am optimistic that fall will soon be on its way, and that the hot days will be behind us.

What a blessing your children are to me!  Their smiles and hugs are always the best part of my day.  Please remember our children, our teachers, and me each day in your prayers.  I keep all of you in mine.  

School scripture theme for the year: “"Whoever is without love does not know God, for God is love."
 1 John 4:8


School Mass
There is a funeral this week on Thursday so Fr. Daniel will do a prayer service in the school auditorium at 8:30. 

This Week

  • $1.00 Ice cream sales begin tomorrow.  Ice cream purchases are available after lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays to grades 1-6 and for kindergarten on Thursdays.  This is totally an optional choice for families and proceeds go to the 5th grade for special field trips and events.
  • Pie/Muffin sales begin this Friday.  This is the PTO's largest fundraiser of the year and participation is required from all families in preschool-5th grade.
  • SAVE THE DATE:  NWEA standardized testing is the week of September 27-30 from 8:30-10:00 for grades K-5.  Please do not schedule any appointments during these times.

The Diocese of Little Rock uses Circles of Grace as its site for clearing adults to work or volunteer in our school.  All parent volunteers must complete the training provided at “CMG Connect” → online training for adults; or directly at:  You will be required to set up an account and watch some brief videos.  This training process also includes background checks and your compliance with the Diocese of Little Rock’s code of ethics.  This will be required as drivers for field trips and attending class parties and must be done several weeks prior to events so that background checks can be conducted.  Please do this ASAP so you will be ready to chaperone!

New Procedure this Year!

In years past when a family took a vacation or business trip out of town that included our students, teachers would prepare lessons in advance for children to complete.  Our teachers discussed this practice in our August faculty meeting and decided not to prepare work for children before the absences.   The main reason is that lesson plans, although made for a week, often change day to day depending if more or less time needs to be spent on a learning concept and how well the students in the class understand various concepts.  This is especially true with literacy and math.  The conversation with our teachers was that getting assignments beforehand was not the most beneficial practice for students or teachers.   


There are some assignments that remain constant each week and each teacher can tell you what those would be.  Please remember to email our teachers and me if your children will be absent for these occasions.  



The lunch menu and calendar are available online!


Prayer for Labor Day

  • Dear Father and creator of us all – the one who gives us strength to work, minds to envision and hearts to persevere – thank you for creating us with the ability to do tasks, create products and contribute ideas that benefit the world.  Amen


Blessings for a wonderful week!

Mrs. B



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