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Back-to-School & Covid-19 Waivers

Dear I.C. School Families,

I am very excited that school begins in just over a week!  

If you have declared your child(ren) as virtual students, your child's teacher will contact you to schedule a meeting to explain the format, timing, expectations, and answer questions you may have.  Meetings may be scheduled through Google Meet or on-site.  It is our desire to have the most effective plan and experience for our virtual and on-site students.

Next Thursday, August 20, from 5:30- 6:30, our staff and PTO board members have planned a drive thru "Back to School" event.  Families are asked to turn right from Rogers Avenue in front of I.C. Church onto No. 13th Street.  The route will continue as you turn right onto No. "A" Street (gym side) and greet teachers from PS-6th grade at each checkpoint.  There will be goodies given to each student as you proceed.  We are SO excited to see as many of you as can participate!  A staggered arrival time is suggested, 5:30- 6:00 will be A-J and 6:00- 6:30 will be K-Z.  A reminder will be sent to you next week.

A "Covid-19" waiver is also attached for all families.  The waiver MUST be returned prior to the first day of school, Monday, August 24.  Waivers may be returned electronically to [email protected] or a hard copy may be delivered during the "Back to School" event.  You are also welcome to mail to 223 So. 14th Street, Fort Smith, 72901 or bring to school office prior to August 24.  

An "Acceptable Use Policy" for electronic device usage is also attached and may be returned in any of the above manners.  Same time limits!

There are a lot of attachments so I  will resend a couple of times this week!

Prayers and Blessings, 

Mrs. B


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