We Know Not the Day: In Memory of the Drushal Family

Posted by Carly Flanagan on 6/20/21

Dear I.C. Family:

We hear in the words of Jesus (Matthew 24:36), “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.”

 These words were so true for our I.C. School family ... Read More »

The Last Week

Posted by Carly Flanagan on 5/24/21


Dear I.C. School Families, it's the last week of the school year!  We made it!

Week of  May 24 Monday will be a free dress for grades K-5.  A school family recently had a home fire and lost their home, dogs, and most of their belongings and ... Read More »

Senior Day at I.C.

Posted by Carly Flanagan on 5/20/21

Senior Day! Seniors from SHS, NHS, Subiaco, and other area schools who are alumni of I.C. are invited to attend Senior Day at I.C. Elementary School! RSVP to Mrs. B at [email protected] or call 479-783-6798! Don't miss out on May 25th @ 10:30!  

Kindergarten Showcase

Posted by Carly Flanagan on 5/17/21

Bring a Friend to Kindergarten Day! May 20, 2021!

It's Almost Summer

Posted by Carly Flanagan on 5/17/21

Dear I.C. Families, 

The "end of the school year" fever has infected our students!  Our former pastor, Msgr. William Galvin, always told me that the last day of school should not be scheduled.  One day at 3:00, we should just say, "That's it!  Summer break starts tomorrow!".  I always ... Read More »

2021 Festival Sponsors

Posted by Carly Flanagan on 5/10/21


May 4th, 2021

Posted by Carly Flanagan on 5/04/21

Dear I.C. Families, 

Can things get any crazier?!  I pray not!  A pandemic, week off for snow and cold weather, and now a missed day because of a power outage!!

Attached is the May letter.

Festival Reminders: Each family is asked to sell at least 5 sheets of raffle ... Read More »

May 2021

Posted by Carly Flanagan on 4/30/21

Dear I.C. Parents,

Attached are the May menu and May calendar.

PLEASE NOTE:  Monday, May 3, will be an early out for students in grades K-6, at 1:30.  ASC will be available at NO charge until 3:30; homework room will be until 3:30 also.  The reason for the early ... Read More »

First Communion Weekend

Posted by Carly Flanagan on 4/25/21

Dear I.C. School Parents,


This weekend is First Communion for our parish 2nd and some 3rd grade students.  Our prayers and best wishes are with them for this momentous occasion!  The last Mass is today at 5:00, and the one at which my grandson is making his.  I ... Read More »

ICFS Instructor Spotlight

Posted by Carly Flanagan on 4/12/21


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