Wednesday, January 17, 2018 • 7:14 AM

Street Safety Patrol

IC School's arrival and dismissal procedures are designed to keep our children safe and facilitate the safe flow of traffic around school property.

Fifth and sixth grade students serve a safety crossing guards at the four corners of the intersection of South B and 14th Streets.  Under the direction of a staff member, the crossing guards extend large red flags into the street signifying that traffic should stop and that it is safe for pedestrians to cross the street.  Children always remain on the sidewalk and are never stationed in the street.

Students volunteer to serve as crossing guards during morning patrol.  Classes rotate afternoon patrol duty.  Below is the schedule for November.

November Patrol Duty- Mrs. Vrazel's Class

Michael Cannon
     Jackson Mendenhall
     Donna Dahlem
     Josey Didion

     Katie Hines
     Emily Maestri
     Tyson Mahoney
     Josh Taylor

     Reagan Gilker
     Harrison Brown
     Drew Taylor
     Robert David Weidman

Hunter Murphy
     Harris Knox
     Taylor Yaffe
     Victoria McCutchen

     Trey Thompson
     Connor Moran
     Brynn Trahan
     Abby Clemmons

December Patrol Schedule- Mrs. Hill's Class

     Coleman Mason
     Parker Galligan
     Libby Haddock
     Eve Jaggers

Jacob Fitts
     Gunnar Moody
     Jack Moser
     Connor Hagen

     Maria Hindman
     Haley Shields
     Helen Sayre
     Vianca Martin

Bo Helmert
     Will Klek
     Nick Furner
     Melissa Zarate

Logan Collins
     Tucker Johnston
     Cole Killian
     Mary Claire Zuerker

     Tayler Michalek
     Evan Stringfellow
     Taylor Naegle
     Jacob Siebenmorgen
     William Farrell
     Nathan Quimbo