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The curriculum of the Immaculate Conception School corresponds to its philosophy with stress on the personal worth of each child, and awareness that each child has the potential to become a successful person.

Gifted & Talented Program

Students in grades 4-6 may be placed in the Academic Enrichment Program, ALPHA.  These classes are for students identified to be academically talented.  Students may be nominated by parents or teachers, after which they complete a battery of tests.  Dependent on scores, the identification committee then places them. 

Computer/ Technology

The computer lab has 28 workstations for use by students and teachers.  Each homeroom has lab time scheduled during the week.  Students  receive instruction on the use of the computer and various software programs. Technology is integrated into the total school curriculum. Instruction and activities are under the direction of the technology coordinator.

Each classroom contains 4-5 networked computers, a SMART board, and other techological tools. Computers are used by teachers and students for Accelerated Reader, research, project productions, skill reinforcement, record keeping, etc.  All computers are internet accessible.

Spanish Program

Our Spanish program is taught at each grade level twice each week.  The program builds on what is taught from year to year.  The students learn to speak, read, and spell basic Spanish.  Projects and lessons teach an understanding of the Hispanic cultures.

Art Program

Students are encouraged to develop and use creativity to express ideas and emotions through the use of a variety of mediums.  The masters and their techniquesare studied and used to create student projects.  Students are instructed in the use of artistic techniques and artwork is always displayed throughout the school.  Projects are entered in area and state-wide competitions.

Music Program

Children receive instruction in music each week.  Concepts in theory, voice, and rhythm are taught as well as history, instrument families and musical styles.

Choir - Students in 4 through 6 grades may be in choir.  The choir practices on Thursday after school and performs at school masses and once a month at Sunday 10 a.m. Mass.

Learning Lab

A certified teacher with a degree in Special Education-Mildly Handicapped staffs the Learning Lab.  This program will serve students, K-6, who qualify as learning disabled, and whose academic needs will be best met in a pullout or inclusion program.  The Learning Lab teacher also assists the classroom teachers in making modifications for the learning disabled students in a regular classroom setting.


The library has books, magazines, and newspapers for assigned study and recreational reading and is open the entire day including both before and after school.  Each class is assigned two library periods each week.  One period is used for library and reference skills instruction.

Fines are charged for overdue materials at a rate of five cents a day.  Students must pay for lost materials.

Student's birthdays may be commemorated by the purchase of a book from the Librarian.  The child's name will be placed in the front of the book and it will be presented to the student in front of the student body.

Counseling and Guidance Program

Every teacher is concerned with helping the students meet their personal, emotional, educational, religious, and vocational needs. Our guidance program includes the following services:

  • Orientation Program
  • Records: Individual inventory of physical and mental growth.
  • Testing: Reading test after the student completes each level in the reading program
  • Kindergarten Pre- and Post- Readiness Test
  • Standardized achievement tests for grades 1-6
  • Parent/Teacher conferences arranged as the parent or teacher deems necessary

The classroom teacher is responsible for informal guidance in the classroom, on the playground, etc.
A certified guidance counselor provides a formal counseling program.  The counselor provides for classroom, small group, and individual counseling.  Teachers, parents, and students may make referrals.


Mass is celebrated by students and teachers once a week, usually on Fridays at 10:00 a.m.  Students participate as altar servers, lectors, commentators, gift bearers, and participants in the school choir.  Mass may be attended on days other than Friday in the event of special feast days or at the discretion of the parish priests.  Parents, family members, and parishioners are invited to attend school Masses.

Mass or praliturgical services will be held in the auditorium when inclement weather threatens.

The Rite of Reconciliation is held at least twice during the school year during the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent.  Other opportunities for Reconciliation may be offered.

On special days, paraliturgical services are held in the classroom or the church.  During the Lenten season, the children attend Stations of the Cross services.  At Christmas the children are involved in a special Christmas Mass.  During the months of October and May, special devotions honoring the Blessed Mother are conducted.

Sacramental Preparation

Second grade Catholic students receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the winter and the Sacrament of Eucharist in the spring.  The Diocese of Little Rock requires family participation in the preparation for each of these sacraments.

Elementary School Graduation

Sixth grade graduation exercises will be held in a simple and dignified manner in the church.  The use of rings or caps and gowns is not in keeping with the simplicity required for graduation.

Guardian Angel Program

Each year our fifth and sixth graders are paired up with kindergarten and first grade students as "Guardian Angels".  These students sit together during Mass, play together at recess and have parties together throughout the year.