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Admission Requirements, Tuition, & Fees


Regisration for the upcoming school year is held in late February or early March.  Dates are published in the Immaculate Conception Church Bulletin and in the Southwest Times Record.  A non-refundable fee of $125.00 for each student (K-6th) is required at this time and $175 for Preschool students.


First Priority is given to in-parish Catholics in relation to length of time in the parish, siblings already in attendance, contribution of Time and Talent to parish and school, and frequency of contribution of Treasure to the parish.

Second Priority is given to out-of-parish Catholics with siblings already in attendance.

Third Priority is given to out-of-parish Catholics.

Fourth Priority is given to non-Catholics in relation to siblings already enrolled, contribution of time, talent, and treasure to school community.

The school board reserves the right to make exceptions to the above criteria as deemed appropriate. Registration for current students in all grades will occur first, then letters of acceptance will be sent at a later date to new students.


According to diocesan regulations and Arkansas state law, no child will be admitted to kindergarten unless he/she has attained the age of five (5) on or before September 1 of such school year.  No child will be admitted to first grade unless he/she has attained the age of six (6) years on or before September 1 of such school year.  Documentation of the state required immunizations, a state certified birth certificate, and social security card are to be presented at the time of registration of all beginning pupils and transfer pupils.

If the child is Catholic, baptismal certificate must be presented at the time of registration.

Families who voluntarily withdraw
their child from Immaculate Conception School during the school year jeopardize readmittance at a later time.

The education of a student is a partnership between the parents and the school. Just as the parents have the right to withdraw a child, the school administration reserves the right to require the withdrawal of a student if the administration determines that the partnership is irretrievably broken.


No student will be admitted to school unless he/she shows evidence of completing the required immunizations. The minimum requirements for entry into school for the 2016-2017 school year are:

Kindergarten Requirements:

  • at least four doses of Diphtheria/Tetanus/Acellular Pertussis (DTaP), Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (DTP), or Diphtheria/Tetanus (DT pediatric)
  • at least three doses of polio vaccine, one dose after the age of four
  • two doses of MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine
    three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine
  • two doses of Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine without accepting history of disease in lieu of receiving Varicella vaccine.
    Exception: If a student has previously received two doses of measles, one dose of mumps, and one dose of rubella before August 1, 2009, the dose will be accepted as compliant to immunization requirements and two MMR are not required.

1st through 12th grade Requirements:

  • at least three doses of Diphtheria/Tetanus/Acellular Pertussis (DTaP), Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (DTP), or Diphtheria/Tetanus (DT pediatric), Tetanus/Diphtheria (Td-adult) or Tetanus/Diphtheria/Acellular Pertussis (Tdap-adult), with one dose after the age of four
  • at least three doses of Polio, with one dose on or after the 4th birthday
  • two doses of MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine
  • and an appropriate series of Hepatitis B vaccine
  • one dose of Varicella vaccine or history of  Chicken Pox disease

The only proof of immunization to be accepted by the school will be a certificate by a licensed physician or health department.


Immaculate Conception School will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, handicap, or national or ethnic origin in administration of their educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic, or other social administered programs.


No students will be admitted from another school at any time after the school year begins unless the family is moving into the area from another city, or the family has obtained permission from the pastor.


Automatic bank draft is required for the payment of monthly tuition and other school related fees such as ASC, cafeteria, van usage, etc.  Several options of dates will be given for the automatic drafting of either a checking or savings account.  Automatic bank draft for church contributions is recommended.


Registration fee for students K-6 is $125.00 and for students entering Preschool is $175.00.  This applies to all new and returning students.  The maximum amount for families with multiple children is $300.00.  This is a non-refundable fee except in the event that Immaculate Conception School is unable to place the child.


Tuition covers only a portion of the cost of education the children at I.C. School.  It is the generosity of the parishioners of I.C. Church that enables us to offer the current tuition schedule.  This schedule is divided into the following categories:  Level I, Level II and Level III.  Tuition status will be reviewed before registration each year.

Level I rate will apply to those who meet the following criteria:

  1. At least one parent/guardian is a registered member of I.C. Parish.
  2. Each child at I.C. School has received Catholic sacraments appropriate to level of maturity, i.e., Catholic Baptism, Sacraments of First Reconciliation/First Communion, if appropriate.
  3. At least one parent/guardian and child attend Mass regularly at I.C. and participate in parish and/or school activities in a verifiable manner. 
  4. At least one parent/guardian supports I.C. Parish through regular, identifiable financial contributions to the offertory collection based on their financial capability. 

Forms for each family will be presented to the pastor who will determine if the above criteria have been met.  The pastor may make inquiries, as he deems necessary or appropriate, in making his determination.  Only the pastor shall be authorized to sign the form and affix the parish seal to approve tuition status.  Review and/or reconsideration of the determination may be made at any time deemed appropriate by the pastor.

Level II rate will apply to a parent/guardian who is a member of I.C. Parish but fails to meet one or more of the criteria for Level I status.

Level III rate will apply to all others.

A minimum of 15 volunteer hours per year in addition to Spring Festival shifts is required at all levels.

Non-parish families (Catholic and non-Catholic) may apply for a tuition reduction if they have been in Immaculate Conception School two years or more and have no less than 40 verifiable volunteer hours for the latest school year.  Accounts must be current to be eligible for discount.

Immaculate Conception School is a ministry of Immaculate Conception Parish.  Every member of the parish is expected to make his sacrificial offering of time, talent, and treasure.  Please keep in mind that the cost of operating our parish school is approximately $6,300.00 per child per year.

Rate Schedule

It is through the generosity of the parishioners of Immaculate Conception Parish that we can offer the following tuition rates for 2015/2016 for all grade levels.

Ten Month Schedule (August - May)

Kindergarten - 6th Grade

# of children


Level I (per month)


Level II (per month)

Non Parish

Level III (per month)

Non Parish- D5

Level III (per month)


$  381.00

$  584.00

$   702.00

$   669.00


$  675.00

$ 1,138.00

$ 1,369.00

$ 1,311.00


$  925.00

$ 1,665.00

$ 2,002,.00

$ 1,905.00


$ 1,130.00

$ 2,063.00

$ 2,480.00

$ 2,259.00







Two Day Program: 

                                 Preschool Only                       $ 1,100.00
                                 Preschool Option I (3:15 pm)   $ 1,910.00
                                 Preschool Option II (5:30 pm)  $ 2,330.00

Three Day Program:

                                 Preschool Only                        $1,950.00
                                 Preschool Option I (3:15 pm)   $ 3,590.00
                                 Preschool Option II (5:30 pm)  $ 4,460.00

Five Day Program:

                                 Preschool Only                        $ 2,700.00
                                 Preschool Option I (3:15 pm)    $ 4,730.00
                                 Preschool Option II (5:30 pm)   $ 5,700.00                            

Adjustments in tuition fees will be made for families registering children after the academic year has begun.  Appropriate refunds will be made for families who withdraw a student before the end of the academic year if payment was made in advance.  Tuition rates or refunds will be calculated by the number of days attended and cost per school day.

Applications for financial aid are available in the school office for active parish members who are unable to meet this obligation.  Financial disclosure is required.  Families must contribute twenty (20) verifiable volunteer hours to be eligible for assistance.

Level III non-parish families (Catholic and non-Catholic) may apply for a tuition reduction (D5 in above table) if they have been in Immaculate Conception School two years or more and have no less than 40 verifiable volunteer hours for the latest school year.  Accounts must be current to be eligible for discount.

Information on How to Earn Tuition/Fees CREDIT

SCRIP: Scrip is a program that our school implemented to generate funds without requiring our families to sell anything. Scrip cards can be purchased online or at school from an extensive list of merchants.  Merchants then return a percentage of what is purchased to our school.  The percentage ranges from 2% to 15%. YOU BENEFIT BECAUSE 50% OF FUNDS GENERATED BY A FAMILY THROUGH USE OF SCRIP IN THE SCHOOL YEAR WILL BE GIVEN AS A TUITION/FEES CREDIT THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR!

 Not sure how this works?

            1) Do you spend $100 or more a week at Wal-Mart?

             2) Do you eat once or more a month at Chili’s, Applebee’s, Outback, Olive Garden or other eating establishment?

             3) Do you shop for groceries at Harp’s?

             4) Do you shop for Christmas at Dillards, American Eagle, Game Stop, Lands End, LL Bean, or 100’s of others?

             5) Do you spend money?

 Then, shop with Scrip and earn money for I.C. School and for your tuition and fees credit!  Remember, I.C. School receives a percentage from each shopping card you purchase.  Now, we are offering to return 50% back on all you earn for our school.


 a)      Spend $5,200.00 at Wal-Mart a year, earn $58.00 for tuition credit/fees

b)      Spend $2,000.00 eating out at area restaurants (check your spending!), earn $90.00 for tuition credit/fees

c)       Spend $2,000.00 on gas in one year; earn $50.00 for tuition credit/fees

d)      Grandparents, family members, friends can purchase SCRIP and designate your family to help earn your family credit!