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Early Childhood


The curriculum of the Immaculate Conception Preschool corresponds to its philosophy with stress on the personal worth of each child, and awareness that each child has the potential to become asuccessful person.                                                                                         

Program Objectives

  • Provide a developmentally-appropriate  preschool program
  • Offer educational and physical activities that meet the developmental needs of three and four year old children
  • Present a socially-enriched environment among preschool children with free play opportunities
  • Provide a nurturing and safe environment by employing a well-qualified staff with preschool experience
  • Meet the needs of each child socially, emotionally, academically, and physically

All educational programs must be developmental whether they serve 3 year old, 5 year old, or 12 year old children. The preschool curriculum will be based upon the Arkansas Frameworks for three and four year old children. Lessons, activities, and units will be primarily teacher-generated with guidance coming from established publishers and programs. The morning hours will be a balance of guided activities and free choice play with many centers and a wide variety of printed and hands-on materials available to the children. Children will be exposed to literacy, science, social studies, art, music, Spanish, Physical Education, etc.

Three Year Old Program
Our preschool program for three year olds is designed so the children have access to a variety of experiences and activities with degrees of complexity. They will learn to take turns, share, and solve situations through play.

Four Year Old Program
Play is an educational essential for the developing four year old. Our preschool program is designed to challenge through various play situations which provide opportunities for continued growth in many areas.

 By arranging the classrooms in centers and using a developmentally appropriate curriculum, the children have an opportunity to choose areas in which they would like to play. Daily routines include art, literacy, block building, math, exploring with sensory and science materials, role playing in the home-living and pretend center, and outdoor play.

 All activities help develop a child's self esteem, foster creativity, spark imagination, and provide enjoyment. Activities foster growth in creative expression, planning and expressing ideas, problem solving, language development, thinking and working independently, reading readiness, math readiness, expressing feelings, and developing self control.

 At group time, the children enjoy stories, puppet plays, music, motor activities, and sharing experiences. This time also provides a positive opportunity for language development.

Prayers, Bible stories, and acting like Jesus are the foundations of our program. The prayers learned are the Sign of the Cross, Angel of God, and various meal prayers. Children will not attend weekly Mass with the elementary students but will participate in religious activities.

Language Arts
The curriculum consists of four broad interrelated areas- speaking (oral language), listening, reading readiness skills, and writing. A broad range of literature is presented and literacy activities are embedded in daily classroom activities in a manner that children can easily understand.

Handwriting without Tears (HWT), the handwriting program used in our elementary program will be implemented. HWT is developmental and uses activities and materials that encourage small and large muscle growth.

Manipulative materials will be used daily to develop the concepts of mathematics (numbers, shape, size, more, less, etc), as well as in the development of fine motor skills. Calendar activities will reinforce number concepts and an understanding of days, weeks, months, and other related ideas.

Science and Social StudiesScience
Centers are a daily part of the child's experience. Science and social studies activities will be incorporated in thematic, seasonal, and holiday studies. All areas of the curriculum will be related.

Physical Education
The children will work on gross motor activities, group games, and developing individual skills. There will be daily experiences both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting).

Free play, both inside and outside, will be scheduled in the morning and afternoon.

Music is incorporated into all areas of the curriculum. Children will sing, learn to respond to rhythm, and to appreciate different kinds of music.

Nap/Rest Time
At least one hour but no more than two hours will be scheduled for nap/rest time with the understanding that individual children will require more or less than others.

Field Trips
Field trips may be scheduled to help diversify activities and enhance unit themes. Parents and guardians must complete a Field Trip permission form upon enrollment and a form specific to each activity will also be sent home for parental consent. All field trips are announced in advance by teachers in written form. Parents or guardians are welcome to accompany preschool classes.

14-passenger vans that are approved for the transportation of children will be used to transport children to and from field trips. Attendance lists and head counts will be employed before and after children have boarded vehicles to and from all field trips. All employees will have appropriate insurance coverage. Seat belts on vans will be used at all times. Arkansas state law will be followed on use of booster seats and child safety restraints. Parents must provide a booster seat if the child is under six years of age and weighs less than sixty pounds.

"Walking field trips" to the Immaculate Conception Elementary School campus may occasionally be scheduled. Reasons may be to use the playground (until preschool playground is completed), visit the school habitat, present programs to elementary school students, etc. Additional adult supervision will be provided and staff crossing guards will be utilized. A permission form for "walking field trips" will be kept on file in the preschool office.

Kindergarten Readiness
Per minimum licensing requirements of the Department of Human Services, the Immaculate Conception Preschool shall provide a copy of Kindergarten Readiness Skills to the parents of each 3 and 4 year old enrolled. A statement, signed by the parent, that they have received a copy of the list shall be kept in the preschool office.

Summer Program
A summer program for three and four year old children is available during the summer months. The purpose of I.C. Preschool's Summer Program is to provide a quality childcare program for children ages 3- 4 during the summer months. The program operates from 7:30 am- 5:30 pm five days a week except for July 4. A brochure containing a registration form, information, and rates will be available in April.

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