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Battle of the Books (BOB)

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2014 Fort Smith Area Competition

I would like to congratulate all students who participated in BOB (Battle of the Books) this year! There were more than 20 teams from the Fort Smith area. The first plave place team from each area school will head down to St. Joseph in Conway to compete in the state competition. We will be thinking about and praying for each team as they travel and participate in May. Good luck, Buffs!

I.C. 1st Place Team

Battle of the Books 

The Battle of the Books, fondly known as BOB, is designed for middle school students (grades 4-6) as an independent reading program that transforms into a healthy competition. The competition promotes teamwork, is structured to be fun and it challenges students to be knowledgeable about literature! The goal is to recognize students who enjoy reading and to encourage other students to experience reading in a new manner.  The participants will be representing our school as student ambassadors and will have the opportunity to meet other Catholic students in Arkansas.

The program, hosted by St. Joseph Elementary, invites students at various reading levels and grade levels to participate.  The independent reading requirements afford students who read at a slower pace the same opportunities as other participants.  The program is not designed to prohibit students because of marginal reading grades.  Therefore, any limitations are self-imposed.  BOB promotes enthusiasm, self-discipline, and sportsmanship.

Teams consist of 5- 6 students and are a mix of all grade levels.  Beginning in November, Cathy Dawkins, BOB coordinator, will meet with teams to discuss books to prepare them for the state-wide diocesan competition held in May.  Teams will meet during school 30 minutes a week to practice.   Parents are encouraged to read the books, discuss with their child, and assist Mrs. Dawkins in the local and state competitions.


General Rules for competition

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